Raw Appeal

Architect Ritu Chanekar of Ritu and Associates designs a industrial yet eclectic office for Daily Deshonnati in Akola. 

Compiled by: BI Staff
Photographs: Courtesy Ritu and Associates

When client Rishikesh Pohare met architect Ritu Chanekar of Ritu and Associates for the first time it was for designing the office of his publication, Daily Deshonnati in Akola. The brief was simple: he wanted an industrial yet eclectic decor. Elaborating on the brief, Ritu adds, “Although aesthetically pleasing, the space had to be utilised to its fullest.” Taking one step further toward embracing the allure of industrial style by bringing it into an office, Ritu’s effort turned out to be a practical, smart and affordable solution for the space. It garnered the fact that industrial office designs place utility and adaptability ahead of all else.

Combining elements of industrial design with contemporary decor and accessories, the design of the office promises to offer the best of both worlds. Exclusive, exceptional and formal, the office tempts you to take a turn toward chic industrial style. The reception space is followed by the waiting lounge area, while the executive cabins overlook the workstation zone, thus enticing the concept of modern minimalism with a space that is inviting and organic.

While minimal spaces can be hard to maintain and often seem sterile, industrial style brings with it interesting visual and textural elements that make the space far more cosy and elegant. The neutral colour scheme of the contemporary space goes well with the stripped-down look of industrial style. Colourful, eclectic decor and mid-century modern furnishings have been used to give the office a distinct aura of its own. “The partitions have been fully customised and so were the cabin furniture such as tables, storage units, etc,” she informs.

Metal accent fixtures with simple industrial-style lighting ushers in the flavour without any major makeover. Some lighting fixtures such as the lights used in passage towards the conference and cabins have been customised, and the artwork had been completely finished on site. Ritu has made sure to avoid using heavy metallic elements and exposed brick walls.

Much to Ritu’s worry of breaking the monotony of neutral colour scheme with a stripped-down industrial style and changing the stereotypical interiors of office space, the Daily Deshonnati office marvelously balances classic industrial-style pendants and natural ventilation, thus giving a functional, pleasing interior.