Samsung: Unbox Magic Series

Samsung’s new range of Smart TVs, the Unbox Magic series come with industry first unique benefits such as Personal Computer, Music System, Home Cloud, Live Cast and Two Way Sharing. Along with the revolutionary new smart features, it has unmatched picture quality ranging from the High Definition range with Ultra Pix technology to the Ultra High Definition (UHD) 4K models, featuring superior colours, stunning details and contrast levels. The innovative Personal Computer feature turns the Smart TV into a full-fledged computer which not only allows browsing. Consumers can create documents or work from the cloud, and can also mirror their laptop on the Smart TV screen wirelessly. The Unbox Music System offers a complete visual experience by turning into a virtual music system. It allows the user to choose from a library of skins with different colour options, while the Unbox Home Cloud will store your pictures and videos from the smartphone automatically and wirelessly.
Rs 24,900 (for a 32-inch)

Compiled by: BI staff
Photographs: Courtesy Samsung