Ottimo: Wall coverings and furnishings from Momenti

Momenti’s new range of furnishings and wall coverings RX Nuance is inspired from X-rays, nature and structure. The collection emerged from a quest for new possibilities and sensorial experiences and features geometric patterns and a brilliant minimal colour palette. For these furnishings and wall coverings linear lines of underlying structure were delineated and re-combined in repeating patterns.

Chromatic gradients reminiscent of X-rays fading into neutral hues were combined with rich nature-inspired colours to create mesmerising visuals. When translated on to a wall or a piece of furniture, these visuals create harmonious patterns that are at times dazzling, and meditative at others.

The RX Nuance collection is available in striking but limited colour range as it moves away from excess and towards minimalism. It is superlative for creating striking feature walls or to upholster your furniture pieces, including nightstands, buffet tables or bar units for a dramatic look.

Compiled by: BI Staff
Photographs: Courtesy Ottimo