Maharaja Whiteline: Storage Water Heater

Maharaja Whiteline has launched a new range of high-quality storage water heaters, equipped with a high-grade incoloy glass-lined heating element. They come in two models — Warmist and Aquaysia — with storage capacities ranging from 10l to 25l. The anti-corrosive glass-lined insulation ensures longer element life even in hard water and mitigates scale formation, and the sacrificial magnesium anode rod inside the tank protects it and enhances its lifespan.

The smart inlet diffusor ensures minimal mixing of cold water with hot water, resulting in faster heating and maximum energy saving. Additional features include a temperature-control knob, an automatic power cut-off indicator, a 5-Star BEE rating, rust-proof ABS exteriors and an 8-bar pressure withstanding capacity.
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Compiled by: BI Staff
Photographs: Courtesy Maharaja Whiteline