EvoWood: Solid wood sheets

EvoWood has introduced unique 3.5mm thick solid wood sheets known as EvoLlae, which come in various species of solid wood. These sheets can be applied in places such as wall panelling systems, ceiling, flooring, staircases, doors, wardrobes, modular furniture and so on. Some of the products in their portfolio are available in up to 10 ft height and 6 ft width, aka the Sandwich Panel, which is a three layer product with a 2.5mm sheet as the top layer making it sturdier and easier to use.

The modular wall panelling system can be installed in a matter of minutes without any substrate glue or nailing with ready to use lumber and engineered wooden steps. These products are made using top-grade seasoned wood sourced from ecologically sustainable forests.
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Compiled by: BI Staff
Photographs: Courtesy EvoWood