Italian Home

Photographer Massimo Listri Captures Italian Lifestyle through images.

In decor circles, the unsaid norm is, ‘if it’s great design, it’s probably Italian.’ Flipping through 21 dreamy country villas and palazzos in renowned architecture photographer Massimo Listri’s book, Italian Home, you can’t help but agree. Stunning photographs with minimum text ensures that one gets a unique behind-the-scenes look of the Italian way of life. Massimo, a global name in photography circles, turns pictures into works of art. From the Tuscan home of Colombian artist Fernando Botero to the enchanting Sicilian baroque palazzo of Milanese fashion designer Luisa Beccaria; from timeless simplicity to over-the-top decor — the book is an amalgamation of different moods and styles. There are both panoramic views of the properties as well as detailed shots of the furniture, making it a complete package for connoisseurs of good design. Since these images have been taken over the span of the photographer’s career each project has something different to offer.

The first property featured is an erstwhile military tower built in the 14th century, which has now became a farmhouse. The stone structure is rustic, roomy and filled with interesting furniture such as a colonial-style chair made by the owner of the house. A few pages ahead is Casa Gandini, a perfect blend of local traditions and modern comforts. The kitchen is home to an old-fashioned stove and displays utensils made from wood, copper and tin. This creates quite an interesting spectacle. The last property was originally a windmill. Today, the mill-pond that was once used to power the grinding mechanism, has been turned into a swimming pool, the foundations have been consolidated, and the roof rebuilt. Almost all projects feature gorgeous art, in the form of paintings and murals. The verdict: superb photography and breathtaking spaces makes this book a page turner.

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Italian Home
Text Nicoletta del Bu
Publisher Thames & Hudson
Photography Massimo Listri
ISBN 978-0-500-51625-6
Availability CMYK Book Store, New Delhi
Pages 255
Price  ` 2,629