Ibiza: Surprising Architecture

Conrad White showcases the surprisingly stunning architecture of Ibiza.

Known as one of the best party destinations in the world,  the beautiful island of Ibiza has become synonymous with living it up. However, once you reach Ibiza, there’s another revelation (more like a surprise) — its architecture! Here, evidence of styles from several cultures like Arab, Roman, Mexican, Viking and Greek can be found. The result is an interesting melting pot of design and aesthetics, which is beautifully captured by ace photographer Conrad White, whose previous book Ibiza: A Mediterranean Lifestyle was a global bestseller. If images of over 50 amazing projects showcased here don’t transport you across continents, editor Fancesc Zamora Mola’s skill will definitely do the trick.

Adapting to the environment is a trait present in almost all homes here. Take, for instance, the second project featured in the book, Can Maca, which is open to the sea and the mountains. Then there’s the home of Victor R (a painter) with thick stone walls, warm colours and natural light that filters in through openings in the walls and the roof.  Another interesting space is a small apartment in the historic centre of Ibiza, which has been remodelled to suit a more modern lifestyle, but retains the original cement tile floors to create a contrast. Then there’s a minimalistic house built on top of a hill, with white walls and few furniture pieces, but its most striking feature is the row of pillars lining the facade that bestow the house with an air of an ancient Mediterranean temple. Equally alluring is a palace that was uninhabited for three decades. And now it boasts of carefully selected contemporary furniture and a swimming pool on the rooftop, complete with stunning views. Residences are not the only projects featured; the last eight chapters are gorgeous features of carefully selected hotels and restaurants that not only highlight great design but also the country’s respect for nature. Words fall short to describe the beautiful establishments. A personal favourite is Hotel Haciendo Na Ximena which is not only surrounded by forests and located on top of a hill, but has gorgeous views of the bluest sea.

Ibiza has remarkable architecture, where the rustic rural mixes with metropolitan sophistication. Truly, a treasure island that is as captivating as it is surprising. Pick up this book to see myriad styles and genres co-existing happily.


Ibiza: Surprising Architecture
Published by Loft Publications
Photographs by Conrad White
Edited by Francesc Zamora Mola
ISBN 978-84-9936-203-8
Availablity CMYK Book Store, New Delhi
Pages 295
Price ` 2,295