Arttdinox: Alice Collection

Arttdinox’s newest offering is the Alice Collection which consists of 15 structural pieces crafted from stainless steel and glass. The collection draws inspiration from the iconic tale of Alice in Wonderland and features characters from the story, albeit in a furniture or lighting fixture form.

The lighting line-up includes the quirky Bunny (a black and white floor lamp); the Butterfly (a hanging light); the Table Top Hat lamp inspired from the Mad Hatter; and the Cup and Cake lamp (a statement decor piece). Besides, the stunning range of furniture comprises the Console Table, crafted with high quality wood and displaying a butcher block surface with intricate detailing; the Club Table which echoes the club suit in a deck of cards; the Coffee Table with a circular metal base that has a rustic touch; and the Heart Table which is made from high quality wood and sports an elegant traditional look resembling the heart suit in a deck of cards. Additionally, there are some beautiful offerings in outdoor furniture and lighting too.

Compiled by: BI Staff
Photographs: Courtesy Arttdinox