Sandeep S

Artist Sandeep S connects his viewers on the challenging topic of climate change through his unusual, quirky pottery collection.

Anchored by: Diksha Jawle
Photographs: Courtesy the artist

Artist Sandeep S

In order to beat the lack of apathy and inaction among the masses around the issue of global warming, pottery artist Sandeep S has taken things up a notch through his latest collection. The Bengaluru-based artist has expressed the dark side of the alarming concerns of today’s world — from deforestation to climate change, to plastic pollution to global warming — through quirky clay pieces. He has marvelously translated the impact of melting glaciers through his climate change art, where hundreds of tiny penguin clay models are surrounded by desert sand. Another piece that stands out among his work is the pot with a plastic bottle that echoes the concern of plastic pollution.

 The earthen pot resembles the Earth with a hand-drawn plastic bottle atop that reminds us of plastic waste that is overshadowing the planet. Sandeep makes sure to opt for natural resources such as the sun, wood, stone and sand in his artworks to evoke the theme. With necessary creativity in hand to transpose environmental issues into intense pottery that convey their gravity, the artist has also initiated similar work on wood, paper and tin as well.