Jeffrey Simpson and Angus Ware

Jeffrey Simpson and Angus Ware of Sydney-based studio, Heliograf, fashion fish-shaped soy sauce packets into pop art lamps to curb the menace of plastic pollution.

Anchored by: Diksha Jawle
Photographs: Daniel Herrmann-Zoll, courtesy Heliograf

Inspired by the fish-shaped soy sauce packets which are served with sushi in many sushi shops around the world, designers Jeffrey Simpson and Angus Ware launched a range of glass LED lamps shaped like these packets. They created Light Soy lamps, a design-led solution, at their Sydney-based studio, Heliograf, to highlight the damaging effect of single-use plastic which is destined to clog landfills.

The idea incepted when the designer duo was shocked by how many of the disposable, soy sauce packets they had used while eating sushi. Thus, with an aim to create ‘something that will be treasured and not trashed,’ the designers created two lighting fixtures — a USB-C rechargeable table lamp, and a main-powered pendant light. Both the lamps feature borosilicate glass shades with powder-coated aluminium accessories and come with a built-in 3000K energy-efficient, touch-controlled dimmable LED. Heliograf collaborated with industrial design studio Vert Design in Sydney to develop these high quality lamps which would have a small footprint. Its modular design allows for easy repair, refurbishment and replacement, to maximise product life and minimise waste, and the decision to not supply a USB power adaptor encourages reuse of e-waste. Heliograf has also made use of cardboard and biodegradable semi-wet press bagasse sugarcane fibre for packaging. Its integrated cotton handle facilitates carrying the lamps home without the use of a plastic bag.