Pranati Panda

Drawing inspiration from nature and life, artist Pranati Panda abstractly blends botanical and biological worlds through artworks created from watercolours and threadwork.

Anchored by: Diksha Jawle
Photographs: courtesy the artist

Artist Pranati Panda

Known for symbolic paintings showcasing inner feelings and mental disturbances, artist Pranati Panda’s paintings offer minute details with free flowing lines, creative textures and mesmerising motifs. Resonating sorrow and chaos, happiness and peace, Pranati’s work seek a balance between the inner and outer worlds, proximity and distance, and nature and human life. The Gurugram-based artist explores the philosophies of time and self, and the self in time through her art. Initially trained in fine arts from BK College of Arts and Crafts, Bhubaneswar followed by an MFA degree from the Delhi College of Art, Pranati has been a part of several group shows and also has the Orissa State Akademi Award to her name.

Pranati recently launched her first solo show Speaking Threads, which is a personal anecdote. Depictions of landscape and human organs, sculpture, and circular paintings are created through threads that represents a connection, and figurative human veins. She highlights the confluence of two energies, using feminine materials (thread and fabric) alongside masculine materials such as net and jaali. Also, the red widespread in her work represents blood and life force, and abstractly brings back the childhood memory of her mother donning red sarees, red bindi and bangles; thereby impersonating an ‘invisible connection.’