Gaurav MK Wali

Jaipur-based designer Gaurav MK Wali’s Cheer Project aims to create a sustainable future by transforming unwanted pine needles into biodegradable products.

Anchored by: Diksha Jawle
Photographs: courtesy the designer

Gaurav MK Wali

A thorough interest in material research, experimentation and innovation was enough to motivate the young Jaipur-based designer Gaurav MK Wali to transform pine needles into a 100 per cent bio-based and biodegradable material which can be incorporated into a variety of products such as coasters, planters, bowls, trays and other accessories. With a passion to characterise how objects and materials can be perceived differently, Gaurav initiated the Cheer Project which would reimagine product design in ways that are not only sensible for the environment but are also aesthetically appealing and usable.

Excess of dry pine needles on the forest grounds have known to be the cause of frequent forest fires and other environmental issues in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, where pine trees are found in abundance. The Cheer Project aims to tackle this crisis by separating fibres of the needles through shredding, and developing it into a composite with the help of natural binders and waxes. The products created from this material are recyclable, fire-and-water-repellent; and causes no pollution or waste in the process.