Bare Minimum

It’s not overcrowded with objects and bric-a-brac, neither is it bare or sparse, and yet it creates a sense of contemporary minimalism with a hint of the rustic, thanks to the tan leather sofa. In this living room set up by BoConcept, art, comfort and conviviality go hand-in-hand with style and simplicity.

1    Form marries functionality in this small table made from walnut veneer with a lacquered, matte-black structure. It curves at one end to hold magazines and books, while the top is flat; 29,750.

2    A floor lamp is a great way to illuminate your home. Featured here is the Outrigger Floor Lamp made from oak. It has a black powder-coated metal shade and legs; 35,000.

3    After a hard day at work, sit back and relax on this camel-leather sofa with brushed steel legs; 5,60,000.

4    It adds colour and character to the sofa and keeps you warm… this woollen throw in blue, green and maroon is a great addition to any home; 8,000.

5    Make your living room come to life with these vibrant zig–zag-patterned hand-woven cushions; 4,000 (each).

6    Animal motifs and decorative items are two of the most popular evergreen trends the world of design resorts to. Use this steel accent piece shaped like a rhinoceros to make a bold statement; 4,400.

7    Made from lacquered MDF, the geometric shapes in this tray, which is shaped like a large plate, goes well with the contemporary vibe of this setting; 3,000.

8    These ceramic candle holders make use of the drama of black and white to create magic; 600 (each).

9    Add an element of fun and frolic with these oak-wood alphabets that can be arranged any way to spell just about anything; 1,500 (each).

10    With dollops of character and oodles of charisma, these steel rings make for innovative decor pieces; 8,000 onward.

11    The centre of attention in any living room is the coffee table. Featured here is a white lacquered one that has been made using particle board; 74,750.

12    Part of the Karim Rashid collection, this ceramic mug with abstract shapes adds a splash of colour to the room; 3,600 (set of six).

13    Though used as an interesting coaster, this is, in fact, a small black-and-white artwork called Brick Art. It uses lacquered paper to give the piece that something extra; 800 (each).

14    Use them as bowls or tea light holders… these light weight steel pieces come in an array of colours; 600 (each).

15    Place this decor piece that looks like the 3D model of a atom and molecule ring, to give your living space an interesting twist. Made from MDF, it has been lacquered; 9,000.

16    A floor lamp is a great way to illuminate the entire room or even a particular section within it. Featured here is the Outrigger Floor Lamp made from oak. It has a black powder-coated metal shade and legs; 35,000.

17    This wall unit has been customized to suit the Indian consumer needs —  it has ample storage space. THe product has been made from particle board and a combination of lacquers such as white, walnut, dust grey and matte black. ; 1,59,750.

18    This bright yellow globular glass vase adds a vivid pop of colour in the otherwise sober and understated space; 16,000.

19    White lacquered particle board gets moulded into this simple and elegant TV unit; 75,750.

20    The geometric motif on this ceramic vase gives it an ‘artsy’ appeal; 1,950.

21    Made from a hand-woven fabric, this orange cushion contrasts well with the armchair; 3,950.

22    This white leather armchair with lacquered legs ties together all the elements of the room; 1,64, 950.

23    Called the Patina Rug, this subtle lime, hand-woven beauty infuses colour without going over the top and complements the furniture around it; 79,750.

24    Pick bright and vibrant artworks depicting life on the streets to add drama to the space. Shown here is an artwork from Denmark; 20,000.