The Social Network

Impresario Handmade Restaurants has launched the 26th outpost of its iconic Social chain at Vashi’s Inorbit Mall.

Compiled by: BI Staff
Photographs: courtesy Impresario Handmade Restaurants

Over the years, Vashi has transformed into one of the most happening and trending cities on the suburban Mumbai route. Ever since Navi Mumbai’s conceptualisation as India’s largest planned city, this metropolitan region has witnessed an unprecedented growth, flocked by millions for a better lifestyle. And to keep this clustered group up on its toes, Impresario Handmade Restaurants has launched the 26th outpost of its iconic Social chain — a community space that indulges in remarkable design and food — in the neighbourhood of Vashi.

Nested at Inorbit Mall by the Palm Beach Road, Social’s new outpost designed by Faizan Khatri (lead architect, Studio Eight Twentythree) takes inspiration from the rustic yet industrial tones of abandoned construction sites. The entire space is shielded with pixelated glass and convex mirrors that distort how we look at things traditionally, allowing for a counter culture perspective that is at the heart of what Social stands for. Its interior design gets experimental with natural and earthy colour tones that work in contrast to some quirky elements in the form of intentional vandalism which is similar to the other Social outposts. Its corten steel and firebrick interiors are complemented by a lush cover of plants. Corrugated steel and exposed metal resemble an urban ruin that has been repurposed as a whole new object. The rusty, warm edges of the furniture indicate dilapidation but showcase an appreciation for beauty in imperfection.

Known for balancing the art of work and play, Social’s ground floor is the community dining hall, while the first floor is a co-working space till 6pm. As the sun downs, the upper level turns into a bar-cum-restaurant; thus turning the joint into a great place to chill, hold casual meetings or just enjoy some good food. Social’s quirky food and drinks menu highlights major trends that we see in the local dining space. The outpost offers the iconic breakfast trays, Death Wings, Awesamosas, China Boxes, and cocktails such as Trip on the Drip, Old Smoke, Thai Maalish, and more. Its cocktails range from cosmopolitans to martinis, negroni, Longest Long Island Iced Tea and even whisky sour; along with a range of eccentric mocktails.