Royal Comfort

Located in the heart of the bustling industrial town of Moradabad, a 19th century royal household after nearly a century has been converted into a heritage boutique property — Nivah. In light of this, interior designer Adil Ahmad who is a very close family friend of the royal family was delegated with the undertaking of all the interior design aspects of the project. Especially the conversion of the ground floor of the private residence into a heritage-boutique lodging for the royal family’s personal guests. In 2016, the restoration work on the ground floor began after the family conceptualized the idea of converting the place into a boutique hotel. And as with most period buildings, the undertaking of the restoration work was not a simple task. But while working closely with the present owner — Yuvraj Surya Vijay Singh — Adil helped conceptualize designs that were close to the rich heritage of the property.

From the outside the arched columns and domes of the structure is a perfect amalgamation of the colonial and indo-Islamic architectural influences. The lush green foliage adds more charm to the scene one witnesses on arrival. One can immediately feel the purity and encounter the sublimity that the place has to offer, whilst entering its large and airy double-height living room whose walls are adorned with a blue wallpaper (which is embellished with white peacocks), and a semi indoor balcony with white wooden work on the first floor. In the dining room, one can witness the grandeur of the royal imperial era thanks to the green leaf wallpaper with pink flowers, which gives it an ethnic feel. Also, the designer has retained its chequered board Italian marble floors and the gorgeous large working fireplace. These factors make this area uniquely charming as it is well curated for a traveler and yet feels like home. Interestingly some of the original pieces of furniture and chandeliers have been revamped and used in the property, while some were tailor-made to mimic the designs of the yesteryears.

As the royal residence has always been referred to as a diamond in the rough, its seven uniquely designed bedrooms have been named after precious stones — Jasper and Moonstone (heritage suites); Amber and Jade (garden suites); and Topaz, Citrine and Coral (deluxe rooms). The rooms are uniquely designed with the traditional Indian touches and are equipped with all the modern amenities. The four suites are wallpapered, each rich in colour with its own distinctive look while giving them a richer ethnic feel. Hence, Jade wears a green wallpaper, Amber has a yellow wallpaper, Jasper sports a red wallpaper, and Moonstone has a wallpaper in a grey undertone. Meanwhile, the deluxe rooms have pastel shaded walls that lends them a more contemporary feel — Topaz is in pastel blue, Citrine in pastel yellow, and Coral in pastel hues of pink and coral. These wallpapers have been personally curated and designed by Adil.

Nivah at Sahaspur Bilari House has played host to many eminent thinkers, reformers, royalty, Presidents and Prime Ministers, who have all walked its corridors and have enjoyed its hospitality. From the indulgent cuisines, to the enrapturing brass trade of Moradabad to the serenity it offers, Nivah gives the seeker a peaceful and indulgent environment away from the hustle bustle of the city.

Compiled by: BI Staff
Photographs: Deepak Agarwal, courtesy Nivah