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Better Interiors - April 2020 issue

On a different beat

Visiting the StoneLife Super Studio in Hyderabad is like walking into a different world — a tropical haven replete with lush greenery, a water body, and the soft chirping of birds — which also happens to be a showroom filled with the finest curation of natural stones, marbles and Balinese artefacts and sculptures. Slow claps to architect Aamir Sharma and landscapist Naveen Panuganti, the creators of this paradiso.

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Architectural Knit

As an exclusive fashion atelier, the all-new Seams Pret and Couture in Mumbai, designed by architects Jasem Pirani and Huzefa Rangwala of MuseLab, is not just a haven for personalized pret and couture lines but also a design gem that speaks of a synergy between fashion and architecture.

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Global Home

A quaint ambience… engaging exteriors with the interiors showcasing some beautiful furniture, furnishings, artworks, lighting and accessories. Welcome to Hermosa Design Studio in Jaipur, a treasure trove for the contemporary millennial home maker.

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