Restful Retreat

Vikesh Chhedda and Deodutta Muley from design firm Jayant Chhedda Architects craft an abode that flaunts the owners’ love for art and nature.   

Vikesh Chhedda
Deodutta Muley

Located amidst the hustle and bustle of the busy marketplace in Bibwewadi, Pune, the three-storey Mandot house is a 1,200-square-metre, pristine white structure. Home to a family of ten, it is the brainchild of architects Vikesh Chhedda and Deodutta Muley of Jayant Chhedda Architects. The owner’s requirement was simple: a globetrotter and passionate art connoisseur, he wanted his home to narrate his travel adventures through his exotic collectibles. Vikesh recalls, “As with the homes of many art collectors, we found that we did not have enough room to display all his acquisitions. In terms of design, he had a fair idea of what he didn’t want and left the rest to us.” Gold tones and opulence were to be avoided as the owner desired a home that was luxurious without being ornate.

A water feature alongside the doorway makes for a serene entrance.

What resulted was a minimalist home that blurs the boundaries between the indoor and outdoor spaces with large windows and patios. Once inside the gate, you notice a V-shaped roof resting atop four columns. Featuring teak (underneath) and an aluminium corrugated system (above), this imposing architectural element serves as a shield for the balconies and the terrace. The plot has two distinct open spaces. The one in the east, specially designed for family activities, has a deck with patio furniture and a water feature that prevents casual walk-ins. The larger one in the west, reserved for outdoor parties, is mostly paved with very little foliage. Step within, and you are greeted by a soaring, double-height atrium whose wall is spanned by a large cream-toned painting. Below it is a raised wooden platform, meant to house future acquisitions in art. The living area (comprising the formal and informal sections, separated by a partition), the kitchen, the dining and the parents’ room make up the ground level. The formal living is dressed sedately in cream and beige to ensure that the dark-toned art pieces hold their own. A seven-seater sofa, along with a coffee table and few side tables, are the only pieces of furniture in this large expanse. The informal area, though compact, can comfortably seat upto ten on its plush, warm-toned sofas. Connected to this space is the formal dining area that gets pressed into service only when the family entertains. Behind the glass enclosure of the dining area, is the kitchen that enjoys views of the surrounding verdure.

Lighting fixtures mounted on the beams accentuate the V-shaped roof.

The first level accommodates the family room, a guest bedroom and two master bedrooms. The family room overlooks the double-height area at the entrance, making it a good vantage point. Running along one wall is a slotted unit, designed to display the owner’s enviable collection of tomes. The family room opens to a balcony, an ideal spot for an evening cuppa. One of the master bedrooms has a cantilevered glass box which projects into the cavity of the atrium. This was achieved by taking down a wall and fitting in a writing desk. The second level consists of the third master chamber, a children’s bedroom and the terrace.

The all-cream formal living area, which lies in close proximity to the lofty atrium, is a bright and airy affair.

The bedrooms in this house are large, and each one has its own balcony to encourage encounters with the landscaped surroundings. The abundant natural light coupled with the beige, cream and brown colour scheme lends them a sublime and soothing ambience. All wardrobes and dressing areas have been tucked into their respective powder rooms. In addition to this, the master bedrooms also include clearly defined lounge areas. The bathrooms sport elegant fixtures, high-tech sanitaryware, photographs and paintings. Lush landscapes, bedrooms with their own slices of the outdoors, the relaxing environment with strategically-placed art… all these make the Mandot house a private haven that offers an escape from the frenetic urban lifestyle.

To create a home that would effectively showcase the home-owner’s collection of modern art procured from across the globe.

Walls Jotun paints (lustre finish) and walnut wood cladding Flooring Marble, wooden and vitrified tiles Ceiling Wood veneered ceiling (facade) and zinc paint for texturing (interiors) Furniture Sourced from China, customized

Clients The Mandot family Location Pune Area 1,200 sq m Architects Vikesh Chhedda and Deodutta Muley Project duration One year

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