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Interior designers Rushda Hakim and Rishita Das tranform a plush, sea-facing Mumbai apartment into an Italian casa.


Interior designer Rushda Hakim
Interior designer Rishita Das

The Bandra-Worli Sea Link in Mumbai, enveloped as it is by the boundless majestic sea, serves as the perfect vantage to the resplendence of the Kapur residence. The apartment lies on the 30th floor of a sprawling Worli skyscraper, nestled amidst a cascading flurry of high-rises, smaller office buildings, open spaces… encapsulating the vibrant essence and the spirit of the city.

The Kapur house, designed by interior designers Rushda Hakim and Rishita Das, infuses strong traditional and classical elements with subtle contemporary virtues to create an elegant amalgamation of style and sensibility. The typical challenges and constraints of space that Mumbai presents have been tastefully tackled: for one, the entrance into the passageway is counteracted by a mirror traversing the length of the wall, creating the illusion of lush space. In fact, the sense of grandeur that the house instantly affects is accompanied by a feeling of openness and clarity. A walk through the living room reveals a graceful flamboyance, with the space split into three distinct sections — the drawing room, the den and the dining area.

The understated inset lighting and the regal chandelier adeptly direct the focus towards the modernist geometric-panelled wall finished with champagne leafing. Moreover, the lighting in the entire house has been customized and automated by the designers. Classical high-back chairs and couches afford a sense of symmetry to the design of the living room, which overlooks the sliding french windows that open into the balcony. “You would expect multiple patterns and inlays on the flooring, but we’ve tried to keep the flooring and ceiling relatively clean,” reveals Rushda. Explaining the thought process behind the style, she elaborates: “It’s meant to balance the rest of the look that dictates the interiors of the apartment.”

The classical appearance of the living room is accentuated through the sprawling sofas, the chandelier, and the high back chairs.

The brief provided by the homeowners was to keep the house tasteful and classy. They wanted a design meant to enthrall and entertain, along with a personal touch. Originally, the house came with Italian flooring, as well as three bathrooms with marble and bath fittings. The bathrooms were moved around considerably, with the master bathroom being extended in size, and all pre-existing fittings and flooring in the house were broken down by the designers.
The Kapur couple entertain often, another requirement that was in focus during the design process. So the living room is ideal for classy, formal affairs, and the den, in concurrence with the living room, serves as its more casual doppelganger through careful use of colour and furniture. For most of the apartment, the flooring is beige travertine. And the stately furniture is a mix of readymade and custom pieces, most of which have been sourced from Design Workshop in Delhi, with the upholstery sourced from D’decor, Atmosphere and August. There are also several items of silver from Ravissant.

The ceiling in the dining area has been treated with densely moulded MDF panels that also works effectively as a space separator.

The dining area with its slanted symmetry and an intricately moulded ceiling lends an otherworldly charm and allows the development of an individual identity of the space. The ceiling here has been treated with densely moulded MDF panels which, Rushda explains, “work effectively in lending a sense of separation for the space,” aside from contributing to the aesthetic value. And instantly transforming the mood of the home is a languid step or two into the elongated balcony, which can be entered through either of the two bedrooms or the living room.

The stunning view of the sea takes precedence here, with the minimalist approach to the design standing out. This view, Rushda explains, was the catalyst behind the unassuming pattern and the sparse styling of the balcony. Another factor was that the balcony is an excellent spot for entertaining guests… hence, the inconspicuous and light appearance. A multifaceted mirror wall, transporting us into a realm of cubist fascination, acts as a backdrop to the bar at one end of the balcony. The bar counter is a solid structure made of translucent onyx stone and, in case you’re wondering, then yes, it even lights up. There’s also a remarkable alternating rough and polished herringbone pattern created using meticulously fitted dholpur stone on the floor.

The quaint, old-world Parisian charm of the master bedroom.

The powder bathroom is another exercise in expert design aesthetics. A mirrored wall affords the illusion of space, which balances the attractive black and golden palette inside. The guest room in the two-bedroom house is centred around another very fascinating motif — the backrest on the bed is extended to the entire wall. This tufted leather panelling on the headboard wall presents a sense of exaggerated grandeur, with the bathroom door concealed within the pattern.

The bathroom is imperial; a sizeable mirror holds sway, with luxury bath fittings acquired from Italy, and lights that are jutting out. One wall of the bathroom, offers an interesting design. “We wanted a 3D effect on the wall,” Rushda says. To capture that, they used mint stone, crushed and remoulded to create the desired effect. And of course, while aesthetics are all well and good, the emotional connect of the designs are also impeccably executed — the room springs forth an instant sense of comfort, cosiness and intimacy.

The master bedroom, slotting seamlessly into the larger narrative of the house, retains its own personality. The old-world Parisian look is visible through the use of moulded pattis on the wall… a standout feature here. Bright upholstery accentuates the charm, and space constraints are made obsolete with clever design. This is how the duo manages to pay significant attention, not just to the stylistic elements of the design, but also that elusive sense of personalized, relaxed space that a home is meant to offer.

The chic walk-in wardrobe area features the chest that doubles up as the main dresser.

The master bedroom leads to the roomy walk-in wardrobe area. For him, a refined leather-upholstered closet opens out, while she has a trendy sliding wall closet. The dresser exhibits a novel approach; it’s actually a chest that doubles up as the dresser and was made from scratch. Further, furniture (a coat rack and a trunk), gentle lighting — made possible through a mix of artificial and natural light — and the panelled herringbone wooden flooring bestow the walk-in with a polished and distinguished vibe.

It’s time to leave, but not before we get one final glance at the master bathroom. Given that all the bathrooms were afforded great care, its crafted appearance comes as no surprise. Its size was increased and a wardrobe was crafted inside instead of an extension wall. This wardrobe is concealed through the use of the same tiles as the wall. The materials used in the bathroom include pixel mosaic tiles and statuario marble.

Ultimately, the designers managed to incorporate the needs of the owners into the space provided to them, using a subtle and precise approach.



A luxurious sea-facing apartment, remodelled to suit the needs of a young couple who love to entertain guests, flaunts impeccable design, tasteful decor and all-round luxury.

Walls Bevelled mirror, moulded pattis, tufted leather panelling Floors Italian marble, herringbone wood, rough and polished herringbone pattern created
using dholpur stone Ceiling MDF panels

Project Kapur Residence Area 1, 850 sq ft (approximately) Principal designers Rushda Hakim and Rishita Das Duration of project Six months


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