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Better Interiors - April 2020 issue

Curated Chic

New Delhi-based interior designer Sanjyt Syngh creates a home for himself organically and intuitively with only one self-set requirement: the space would use a lot of art and sculptures, mostly collected on his extensive travels.

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Modern History

The Kolkata-based Mandals’ keen desire to imbibe life inside a dying cultural asset — a 125-year-old building — resulted in a home which can easily pass off as a modern art gallery replete with interesting artworks and bespoke sculptural furniture. And they got to thank architect Abin Chaudhuri and his team for this graceful transformation.

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A Green Grid

Reconciling the antipodal requirements of visual porosity/seclusion and openness/security, Lijo.Reny.architects create a simple and formal home at Mallapuram, Kerala, that is at once one with nature yet stands its own ground.

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