The Perfect Partner

Walk with us inside the first-of-its-kind wedding lounge in Bangalore designed by interior designer Smitha Zachariah — La’kiru.


LAKIRU CUNHM 040 copyMarriages are made in heaven, and celebrated on earth. And the owners of the newly launched wedding lounge La’kiru understand the importance of this joyful life event. This first-of-its- kind wedding lounge in Bangalore is the brainchild of Lakshmi Keerthi and Rama Baseveraju and is spread across 2,000 sq ft. Lakshmi calls her designs ‘very traditional, royal and heritage, yet bearing a contemporary touch’ — styles that get typically reflected in La’kiru weddings. Hence, they wanted a design professional who understands these nuances while creating the wedding lounge. Interior designer Smitha Zachariah stepped into the shoes with ease. LAKIRU CUNHM 010 copy“Their requirements were clear — a display section for exotic flowers, wedding invitations and an area for bridal wear, along with a lounge for presentations,” informs Smitha. The fact that the lounge was going to be housed in a heritage property ‘The Hatworks Boulevard’ was a challenging task for the designer as nothing could be broken down. The only structural changes done were to the entrance of the store.

LAKIRU CUNHM 048 copyThe facade design sets the mood for the rest of the space — a display of brass cut-out lotus links and bells, wooden green door with lotuses and peacock brass handle, and an ornate metal roof and signage. You enter into the exotic flower area first. The highlight here is the wallpaper with cream and gold damask, mirrored counters which reflect the tea lights amongst the arrangements and the brass mirrored arch. In fact, Smitha has introduced many arches (with hand-painted lotuses) within the heritage structure to demarcate and define the various spaces of the lounge. The lobby leads into the invitation display area where minaret-shaped shelves display wedding invites.

LAKIRU CUNHM 057 copyOne is led to three sit down areas — there is one with hand painted walls combined with cream and gold wallpaper with beautiful antique furniture teamed with a custom made jaali table and lotus cloth racks, Persian carpet, chatai blinds with zari trims, and lovely custom made beaten brass lights from The Purple Turtles. Step into the next area and you’ll notice a gold screen with lotuses made with wood and antique mirror, next to a green door which leads into the trial room, and the staff office. LAKIRU CUNHM 080 copyThe largest area is the one set aside for presentations, where potential clients can plan their weddings. Here, bespoke sofas with ornate fabrics and embroideries, a metal and crystal chandelier, an antique mirror, and walls hand-painted with the damask design using the colours of the logo takes centre stage. Undoubtedly, one of the most interesting accessories in the lounge is the one used to display heavy and intricately designed wedding garments, designed by La’kiru — an installation made with brass lotuses with a hook from which bridal wear can be hung.