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Casual chic is the best way to describe the Visionnaire Cafe by Ipe Cavalli, located at Paras Twin Towers on the Golf Course Road in Gurgaon.


Fancy munching on delicacies served on an Ipe Cavalli dining table while you sit on an Ipe Cavalli chair? For many, this was just a fantasy. Why? Firstly, the luxury brand is priced well beyond the reach of the common man and secondly, it had to be imported from foreign shores. But then, that was three months ago. Today (even though it is still expensive), not only is there a showroom where you can purchase these beauties from but there’s also a well-designed eatery right next to it which is decorated with furniture from the Italian design giant. The restaurant in question is the Visionnaire Cafe by Ipe Cavalli, located at Paras Twin Towers on the Golf Course Road in Gurgaon.

Casual chic is the best way to describe the cafe which has its more formal counterpart in Milan. Mauve patent leather chairs, glass and steel dining tables, crystal chandeliers, engraved mirrored walls and tulip-motif wallpaper make this eatery standout in style. The 1,521-square-foot space has been designed by the Ipe Cavalli team. The 22-foot-long lacquered bar of veneer and glass features geometrically-shaped mirrored surfaces and there’s an exact replica of it in Milan. Two oversized steel chandeliers have been placed on either side of the bar. There’s even a special area designated for the in-house DJ. Metal chains hung from various points on the ceiling give the space a contemporary edge. In fact, the chains also act as a divider between the store (Terra Sans Home Couture) and the eatery. As for the charming al-fresco area, there are tables placed next to verdant greens which offer a view of the many skyscrapers that dot the landscape of Gurgaon.

However, the food is the clear winner here. Since the furniture on which you sit and dine is so high-end, one may expect the food to be expensive. But as the promoters Priyanka and Neha Nagar wanted to pamper the taste buds and not empty wallets, the menu is well-priced and exciting. The European cuisine is delicious and the toffee is fantastic. After a meal guests are welcome to walk into the showroom and check out the bespoke furniture.

Good food and great design ensure that the Visionnaire Cafe is an unforgettable dining experience.

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