Breaking the Wall

Completed in a span of three months, the super cool office of Urban Ladder in Bangalore designed by Designtude sets new standards for design and openness in a commercial space. 

Breakout area copyMonday morning blues… I am very sure every employee at the Bangalore office of Urban Ladder has an easy cure for it — they simply have to step inside their office premises! Their spacious 32,000 sq ft office accommodates 400 odd employees and is a result of their anticipated growth over the next few years. Earlier, the office was split in three different office spaces, and the demand for a collaborative office space for teams to come together and ideate, led to this merger. The project led by architect Vivek Kharia and his team from Designtude surpassed the challenge of completing the site in three months.

The design philosophy reflects the open office concept which presents an opportunity for managers to build staff morale by breaking down the figurative walls, separating them from the work force. The spacious office has a subtle design nuances with quirky and colourful furniture being the highlight. The colour palette majorly is a bright mix of red, yellow and white which renders a lively and energetic feel.

The brand’s innovativeness is reflected right at the outset — the reception area has a demo apartment replete with furniture and accessories, showcasing their newest products. This allows and encourages a visitor to touch and feel the products. The breakout area stands as the highlight of this office with four curve porch swings. For a quick one-on-one, or a rapid standup, there are meeting boxes and jump-spaces. Similarly, large and small colourful lounges have been placed for a relaxed chat or for a change of desk, scattered through the office. There is a separate arrangement designed for the meeting rooms for more formal discussions. The cafeteria accommodates over 150 employees at a time and has comfortable seating and colourful hanging lights. In one corner you will see a well-equipped gym to ensure the employees stay fit with all the food around. Then there are three nap rooms, an entertainment zone with game room consisting of foosball tables, a pool table, table tennis table, a yoga room, and even a play station. Adding to it, there are mood boards to reflect colour predictions/trends for the season, with different fabrics and styles letting employees to think and innovate. This office design definitely gives truckloads of inspiration to each of its employees — the result is seen in their innovative and classy work!

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