Raise a Tostada

A walk-through the charming Mexican restaurant La Bodega in New Delhi… 


Authentic Mexican cuisine finds its niche with the opening of La Bodega at Khan Market in New Delhi. A charming restaurant spread across two floors, you’ll instantly feel at home the moment you enter the space. A short flight of Aztec stairs leads you to the restaurant that is dominated by whites. The space is split into a warm intimate, lower dining area and a large upper area which opens out to an airy terrace — one that is sun-drenched during the days, and fairy-lit at night. The interiors pay homage to its humble origin, yet remain cosmopolitan in outlook. The wooden furniture with a splash of colour, the quirky artefacts, murals, communal tables, lighting and mirrors beckon and invite you to engage in some interesting conversation.

The vivid chevron patterns across the staircase, walls and shelves break the solitude of the otherwise understated decor. The Spanish tiles with various motifs adorn the floors and are a subtle allusion to its origins, while the mural depicting a street scene offers a glimpse into Mexican culture. Edison bulbs in hand blown glass strung along wires make for an interesting sight and accentuates the earthy, welcoming tone. The glass bulbs and cable trails running overhead give a lengthy, spacious look to the dining space while the foliage framed by fairy lights along the walls accentuates the cosy atmosphere.

Framed by large welcoming doors, a romantic terrace finds its way through the second floor dining area. The terrace itself overlooks greenery and gently transports you out of the hustle and bustle of its Khan Market surroundings, and makes for a perfect evening for two. Beaded curtains splash colour across the entrance to the washroom and offer a conversational piece as you wait.

The open kitchen with mosaic tiles and vegetable racks with fresh produce mirrors one of the many principles of its menu — fresh and simple cooking. Yes, the food at La Bodega is uncomplicated yet experiential in its elements and construction just like its decor. The menu has been bifurcated into street food and mains section. The former, called antojito (little cravings in native Spanish) comprises of a selection of taquitos, quesadillas and tostadas while the latter consists of sopas (soups), tortas (sandwiches) and traditional Mexican main dishes.

Whether it’s the decor, the lighting or the food… all the elements at La Bodega come together effortlessly as an invitation to spend time, find your comfort and enjoy a one-of-a-kind authentic dining experience.