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A quaint ambience… engaging exteriors with the interiors showcasing some beautiful furniture, furnishings, artworks, lighting and accessories. Welcome to Hermosa Design Studio in Jaipur, a treasure trove for the contemporary millennial home maker.

Text: Deepa Nair
Photographs: Monisha Ajgaonkar, courtesy Hermosa Design Studio

The goddess of beauty… that’s what Hermosa translates to in Greek. That the name resonates well, and is no high claim, is revealed when you enter the recently opened lifestyle store in Jaipur — Hermosa Design Studio — and find every inch of it dipped in utter loveliness. At once, we also realize: here is someone who understands the pulse of design and the needs of the New Age customer. “We had a furniture business ongoing since 2012,” informs Mugdha Bhagchandka, creative lead at Hermosa Design Studio. “We were into institutional projects and custom residential projects back then. Hermosa was born in 2017 when Pranjal Agarwal became the CEO of the company. He realized the need for giving the business a retail format after recognizing a gap in the market.”

“Our research shows that home makers in tier two cities were looking to incorporate global trends in home decor and did not have access to them in their own cities. They either had to travel to New Delhi or Mumbai. Studies showed that tier two cities have the space for big houses and the spending capacity, while the people are well-travelled and have refined tastes. Hence, we felt the need to get a luxury home decor store to their cities to make it convenient for them. Our target cities after Jaipur include Raipur, Ahmedabad, Pune and Indore. We started with Jaipur because of the city’s rich heritage and culture, which also sees great craftsmanship. We wanted to imbibe all these key elements in our flagship store and hence we zeroed down on Jaipur,” says Pranjal.

The creative heads at Hermosa wanted to create an iconic, landmark building in the area and devised an engaging design for the facade. Clean and minimal, it sees a unique jaali-like pattern that mimics peacock feathers in a rustic millennial pink — both being native to Jaipur. The brand colour, teal, is prominent in the rest of the building.

Even before they embarked on the hunt for the right space for the store, the design team was sure that they wanted to build it like a typical home — so when someone enters the store they can visualize how their living space would look with the products weaved in tactfully. Their quest for the right location brought them to a 10,000-square-foot house which underwent some hardcore refurbishing. “The earlier structure was boxy so we had the work on the structure in various formats to account for the stepwell room area, the arches in the hallway and even the staircase. We changed the structures of the original house to add a unique sense and softness and give it a modern look,” says Mugdha.

What helped in the revamp/design stage was that Mughda and her team were very sure about what they were planning to achieve in the end — their research and strategy was thorough and clear. “When we were brainstorming for the interiors and architecture of the store, we had a clear mindset of using the cultural and traditional motifs of Jaipur and incorporating them in the store as a whole.

The den is a cosy space which is blessed with an abundance of sunlight. Highlights of this area include the Hibbiki console, which is inspired by the Japanese cherry blossom; the hanging Medusa light, which is made from wires and can be moulded in any style like Medusa’s hair’ and the bar cabinet, Deco Vic that has beautiful geometric pattern with custom triangles. The geometric cabinet unit for your entertainment and the statement chair with foot rest are other great additions to this space.

Being in the Pink City and having our manufacturing set up here, it was an obvious choice not to let go of the craftsmanship which Jaipur holds so proudly. The design aesthetic of the store as a whole is a modern and contemporary take on traditional and cultural heritage of the city, may it be the arches, stepwells or even the colour story used,” asserts Mughda.

After the revamp and the spatial demarcations, this home-like store was divided across three levels. And just like most large-format houses, this one too sees a living and dining area, a master bedroom, teenage and toddler spaces, a den and a kitchen. In the basement, the store offers a one-stop shop for commercial spaces like hostels and hotel rooms and office spaces.

Additionally, Bistro Quaint, which serves gourmet coffee and modern local dishes, has also been accommodated in the store. Offices for the in-house interior designers and support staff, pantry and washrooms are also part of this three-storeyed structure. Interestingly, a cosy corner, and a more striking one at that, has been reserved for designer Nikhil Thampi who had created a gorgeous 20-piece collection of furniture and home decor products exclusively for Hermosa. What makes this space special is that the team decided to showcase Nikhil’s bold and powerful clothes too along with the furniture in this area.

As for the rest of this home store, Hermosa has anything and everything that one may need to spruce up their interiors. From furniture to rugs, wallpapers to decor items, this all-inclusive store has a lot to offer — in fact, they are also open to customization.

The dining space is marked by a huge art piece — The Trippy Man — which is inspired by the movie Inception. The dining table is made from exotic veneer coated with poly raisin and is accompanied by two striking dining cabinets. The lovely copper chain light in an elliptical shape illuminates all these pieces of furniture.

“We also have a fragrance bar and a consultant for the same to suggest which perfume you should opt for. We have a lot of unique products which are handmade using sustainable materials. One of the key elements we sell through our store are eccentric decorative light fixtures,” adds Mugdha.

The response to the store from the Pink City is overwhelming as Hermosa is one of the few offering global trends and unique contemporary designs. “We have had visitors from other cities coming to customize furniture pieces from the studio and we are looking forward to opening many more stores in India,” informs Mugdha on a parting note. See you soon in Mumbai then Hermosa!

To create a store which replicates a home, so that every customer can imagine the products they want to purchase in a home set-up.

Floor: Marble, engineered wood, laminates
Walls: Paint, chevron-pattered brass inlay
Display racks: Metal, brass, wood

Project: Hermosa Design Studio
Location: Jaipur
Area: 10,000 sq ft
Principal designer: Mugdha Bhagchandka