Celestial Beauty

The Si-Oul Villas project set in the scenic village of Siolim in Goa borrows heavily from the design principles followed by the eminent architect Geoffrey Bawa. 

Compiled by: BI Staff
Photographs: Fabien Charuau, courtesy Kriss Real Estate

Goa has mesmerised every traveller with its unique amalgamation of Indian and Portuguese culture, the serene seas and quaint by-lanes, and thus has mapped the state on the global front. With a vision to redefine Goa’s pristine landscape with an architecture invention, Kriss Real Estate in collaboration with SAV Architects has created customised villas that would focus on the architecture of experiences and immersive interiors.

The Si-Oul Villas project comprising Sol (Sun House), Lua (Moon House) and Terra (Earth House) is set in the scenic village of Siolim, all in the heart of North Goa. The private villas have been spatially and structurally designed to mirror the elements of their namesake ethereal bodies. Further, the villas borrow heavily from the design principles followed by the eminent architect Geoffrey Bawa. By this we mean, by aligning the sun and wind paths, the villas create their own micro-climates to keep you comfortable no matter the weather, and have been fashioned to integrate the characteristics of natural elements like surrounding foliage and a river that runs adjacent to the property. Several features like curved walls, sun roofs, glass-inlaid floors and artfully open areas make each villa an absolute adventure with contemporary and rustic aesthetics that draw from the land’s inherent lines and colour palettes.

The Sol villa encapsulates the beauty of the sun as its exposed red laterite stone exteriors reflects from silver metal sun-screens. The interiors come etched with brass accents, an internal water body and a curving double-height red-brick wall with trees running through the courtyards in an attempt to fuse the natural landscape seamlessly. As for Lua, it embodies the ethereal curves of the moon with its stunning dark slate-textured stonewalls and its crescent-shaped pool. Marked by the semi-open observatory room, the villa makes way for a transportive setting of cool grey expanses punctuated by intimate areas. Terra boasts of sweeping vistas near the Chapora riverside, and secluded outdoor terraces that reverberate with the calm sounds of the river. Its rubble walls, muted pantones, filigreed light inlets and pristine water courtyards recreate a private Eden with distinctively vanguard accents. The home also has a sublime infinity pool and features a rare selection of flora to give its muted aesthetic
a curated burst of colour.

Locally sourced materials and minimalist execution distinguished by craftsmanship lends a tropical ambiance to these homes. Besides, these villas also have rainwater harvesting roofs, solar panels and water-efficient plumbing.