Baked with Expression

The wall of faces… that’s the one design highlight that is bound to stay with you for long after you visit the Mumbai-based 700-square foot eatery, Breadily Baked – Patisserie designed by interior designers Shilpa Agarwal and Komal Jain of SSK Associates. David Rockwell rightly said, “Good restaurant design is about achieving equilibrium between the food, service, and design — in effect, telling a complete story.” Shilpa reminisces receiving the similar kind of design brief from the client for this project. “The client was very keen on opening a chain of this patisserie which the youth and people would be able to connect with. They wanted the guests to have a different experience which speaks directly to them on a very personal ground, basically connecting with their emotional cords.”

As you enter the space, the outside view of the eatery is hard to miss as it is not only pleasing to the eye but also showcases a lot of thought and creativity. Like the bar stool with the lip artwork, “the conservative part of the decor” which has been customized to highlight ahuman expression. Kartell’s famous Ghost Chairs form the other group of seating in this alfresco space. Further customization happened with the introduction of black leather finished granite on the steps, and the black and white table tops made from composite stone.

As you move inside, you are faced with an awe-inducing entrance door which is carved in wood and glass and features the face of a lion. “The main entrance had to have a larger than life experience while depicting a very strong emotion,” explains Komal. The lion’s face and the convex circular plates assembled and compiled together in the shape of a sun are carved in wooden panels and finished with duco paint. “The entire design process took nearly 20-25 days as there were twenty panels on both the sides. With aesthetic walls and lighting to complement, this luxurious ambience narrates beautiful stories and is sure to give you unforgettable memories,” asserts the designers.

The next view is the most striking aspect of the entire design and is accommodated inside the patisserie —the statement painted plates inspired by Fornasetti. Elaborating on the concept of this highlight, the designers explain, “In a metro city, every morning is a race… race against people, race to follow dreams. Social media plays a crucial role in our lives and it comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. In this process, people are losing touch with their loved ones and their emotions. Through this wall art, we wanted the guests to get a glimpse of the space instead of constantly being with their phones… Basically, we wanted the design to be conversant with the customers walking in.” The main highlighter wall has been made on circular convex-shaped medium density board plates with a backdrop of red hued strips which are made out of 2”x2” (40 nos) aluminium pipes that house LED lights. The entire wall is finished in duco paint, whereas the artwork has been done by an artist named Prakash. Also, the usage of 6mm thick black mirror behind the counter makes the space look larger. “The response to the design has been quite amazing. The Fornasetti plates has literally become like a selfie corner,” beams the proud designers.

Compiled by: BI Staff
Photographs: © 2018 Photographix | Sebastian + Ira, courtesy SSK Associates