Usha International: Bloom series fans

Usha International has unveiled its Bloom series fans which takes inspiration from flowers — Daffodil, Primrose, Magnolia, Dahlia, and Lily — and thereby have strengthened its Goodbye Dust fans portfolio. The sweep size ranges from 1250mm to 1300mm with air delivery between 230 m3/min and 250 m3/min at speeds of 260rpm to 380rpm.

The series is available in attractive colour combinations ranging from a sparkle grey and blue, sparkle golden and cherry, and sparkle red and black, as well as grey and black. While the Bloom Daffodil, Magnolia, and Primrose series are three-blade fans, the Bloom Dahlia and Lily comes with four-blades.
Rs 3,100 (Daffodil, Magnolia and Primrose); Rs 4,700 (Dahlia) and Rs 4,900 (Lily)

Compiled by: BI Staff
Photographs: Courtesy Usha International