Urban Spaces Home Series 11

A picture speaks a thousand words, and when it comes to books on design and architecture, images play the protagonist. No other book showcases this aspect better than Urban Spaces. The 11th volume of a 30-part Home Series takes you on a fascinating journey of awe-inspiring designs. It features nine luxurious residences, each with its own unique flavour. “Living at the heart of activity, a home even more necessarily becomes a retreat and a defence against external aggression like noise or pollution. The interior consequently becomes synonymous with a decompression chamber and the hushed place where you can be protected from the tumult and recharge your batteries,” says the introduction. The featured abodes truly represent this.


The first home showcased is by Olivier Michel, a property developer and founder of the firm Upptown. He discovered a cluster of abandoned warehouses and garages, which quickly transformed into a residential project comprising of four ultramodern lofts. Though he and his wife intended to sell it, they clubbed all the four and inhabited it instead.Clean, straight lines, a special place for collected artworks and luxurious materials define this property.

Then there’s another loft in Brussels that’s located in an old studio and spreads over two floors. What stands out here, is the creation of the split-level library. It is presented as a living and functional object, thanks to its monumental proportions and different levels of depth. Completely different, but equally alluring, is another home… an apartment for a passionate collector of modern art. With the spotlight on the art, the furniture and furnishings take a more neutral, but just as dramatic approach — like the side tables of various heights placed together to create an interesting coffee table.

Besides giving the readers a background and information about each project, this book on design differs from all the other ones in one aspect: It offers numerous tips, tricks and points to literally “take home,” from each of them. This one’s great for those who are looking to create their own private paradise in the concrete jungle.

Book: Urban Spaces Home Series 11
Published:  Beta-Plus Publishing, Belgium
Author: Alexandra Druesne
Photography: Jo Pauwels
ISBN 978-90-8944-042-6
Availability: CMYK Book Store, New Delhi
Pages: 127
Price: Rs. 949


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