Syska: Smart Plug 16A and Smart Mini Plug 10A

The Smart Wi-Fi Plug with Power Meter 16A and Smart Mini Plug 10A are the latest addition to Syska’s smart home segment. These plugs are compatible with Alexa and Goggle Assistant and can be remote controlled with the Syska Smart Home app, which also records the energy consumption of your appliances.

The scheduling, timers and room allocation features allow one to turn them on or off at a specific time and designate rooms in which they’re operated. The scenes and automation functions enable you to programme them to suit specific scenarios like rain, sunrise or sunset. The plugs have been designed to prevent overheating and come with a universal plug-pin type and a child safety shutter.
Rs 4,190 (Syska Smart Plug 16A) and Rs 2,599 (Syska Smart Mini Plug 10A)

Compiled by: BI Staff
Photographs: courtesy Syska