Sarita Handa: Spring-Summer ’19 Collection

The brand’s Spring-Summer ’19 collection introduces you to their five new aesthetic pillars — Naturalist, Primrose, Mojave, Stargazer and Amazonia. These themes are inspired by cross-cultural beauty as well as botanical forms and landscapes in nature.

Naturalist celebrates the innate beauty in skeletal silhouettes of leaves; or the forms they take against the architecture of conservatories and arboretums. Mojave and Amazonia feature raised surface embroideries and colours that are reminiscent of unbridled landscapes in the wilderness. Stargazer captures the bold colours and celestial intrigue of vast, open skies; and Primrose is an ode to flowers manifesting the vivacity and delicacy of spring and summer. The themes are spread across their upholstery, cushion cover and bed line range.

Compiled by: BI Staff
Photographs: Courtesy Sarita Handa