Sarita Handa: Autumn/Winter 2019 Collection

A blend of naturalist and cosmopolitan globetrotter inspirations form the base of Sarita Handa’s Autumn/Winter 2019 Collection. Some products feature a special, hand-crafted beading, developed by Sarita Handa’s in-house craftsmen. However, the focus of this season’s fabric is on intricately embroidered floral and geometric patterns in shades of teal, wine, or berry. The aesthetically balanced combinations lend a vintage opulence to upholstery, bedding and curtains, while the tribal fabrics showcase sophistication of linen and embroidery. In similar colour palette, the carpets feature a blend of wool and light cotton. Among the soft furnishings, the African Stripes Collection is an extension to last year’s African Collection. New additions to the Kaitag Cushions collection celebrate the centuries’ old tribal textiles of Dhagestan, Russia. A fashion bed with a headboard showcasing an embroidery of Sarita Handa Palampore and Bird pattern with white ash wood-made high-back and tilted back seating has been introduced this season. For the practical minimalist, Sarita Handa’s Autumn/Winter 2019 offers the Solid Matty Slub Collection, with a 100 per cent cotton basket weave texture and refined colours.

Compiled by: BI Staff
Photographs: Courtesy Sarita Handa