Samsung: LED for Home

Samsung has launched the world’s first LED for Home, a home screen range designed to offer an immersive, cinematic viewing experience in the comfort of your house. It boasts of a slim, sleek design, and Modular Formation Technology, which allows users to customize the screen size and shape to fit it into any desired location. It also comes with HDR Picture Refinement Technology that brings together brilliant, true-to-life imagery and crystal clear visibility, which stays uniform and unaffected by ambient light from the surroundings.

The Electro-static Discharge (ESD) certified Active LED is low maintenance, delivers long-lasting performance and has a lifespan of over 100,000 hours. The device is equipped with flexible front and rear access to critical components for easy maintenance. The home screens are available in the following sizes: 110-inch FHD, 130-inch FHD, 220-inch UHD and 260-inch UHD.
Rs 1 cr onward

Compiled by: BI Staff
Photographs: Courtesy Samsung