Philips India Limited: Oven Toaster Griller

Philips recently announced the expansion of its kitchen appliances segment by foraying into the Oven Toaster Griller (OTG) category. The appliance features Opti Temp technology that re-circulates the heat uniformly maintaining uniform heat dispersion. Built with one touch unique menu, it has 10 pre-set menu which can cook more than 50 different recipes ensuring better crispiness, optimum browning and higher retention of nutrition.

With the toughened glass door that is easy-to-clean and maintain along with metal protective mesh, it makes the appliance robust and corrosion-free. Designed with precision and built with elite quality materials, the OTG has a capacity of 25L. It comes with a collection of accessories: cooking tray, crumb tray, wire grill cum barbeque tray, and rotisserie rod set.
Rs 8,095

Compiled by: BI staff
Photographs: Courtesy Philips India Limited