P3 Architectural Solutions: Armarium

A wardrobe which eliminates odour, and keeps your clothes fresh… say hello to Armarium.

Anchored by: Deepa Nair
Photographs: Courtesy P3 Architectural Solutions

Armarium from brand Ludovica Mascheroni is a true masterpiece of high cabinet-making and haute couture. It is not only an aesthetically beautiful and functional wardrobe, but thanks to a patented system it ensures the hygiene of your clothing while preserving them. The cabinet is equipped with an exclusive automatic system, which can eliminate unwanted odours, allergens, even in just-stopped clothes, in just a few minutes and in an ecological and natural way. A feeling of hygiene, a fresh clean aroma, appreciable in nature after a thunderstorm is guaranteed by Armarium for your garments. At the centre of the composition you will find the island unit, an irreplaceable unit of furniture thanks to its fantastic practicality — all around, this is your world, enhanced by the accessories of the Ludovica Mascheroni walk-in closet. This masterpiece comes from a company who has worked with the world’s most important furniture, fashion, and design companies. The fact that all these wardrobes are made by hand — constantly moving in rhythmic movements, stitching with the utmost precision, flipping the leather and the thick leather over and over again, leading to a level of perfection that comes close to art. Armarium is exclusively available in India through Mumbai-based P3 Architectural Solutions.