OxyGarden: Forest air sanitiser

Touted to be India’s first air sanitiser which purifies and humidifies air naturally, OxyGarden’s Forest aims to solve the problem of indoor air pollution by pumping in fresh oxygen. Through plants foliage, it removes pollutants and creates oxygen at the preliminary stages and eliminates bacteria and viruses.

Activated charcoal in the fourth stage removes odour, whereas the last stage terminates PM2.5m and PM10 through pre-filters, HEPA and activated carbon filters. It cleans air up to 800sqft, and converts 700L of oxygen from carbon dioxide per day, therefore reducing carbon footprint. Additionally, it comes with an in-built automated watering system, a grow light technology, automated fans, and is easy to install and use.
Rs 45,000

Compiled by: BI Staff
Photograph: courtesy OxyGarden