O’My by Anju Goyal: Handcrafted linen

O’My by Anju Goyal revives the richness of handcrafted linen with its new range of cushions, bedding, carpets, table runners and tea cozies. The pillows are made in the finest count of linen and decorated with fine, tapestry-like embroidery. The duvets and quilts, in rich jewel tones of silk, are hand-tucked, handpainted, embellished and embroidered.

For the dining table, there are needle-worked mats and runners, tea cozies and tray covers. And for the drawing room, you’ll find hand-embroidered cushions in silk and cotton, handmade throws and hand-tucked silk carpets.

Compiled by: BI Staff
Photographs: Courtesy O’My by Anju Goyal