Nivasa: Wing Chairs, Chaises, Beds, Lamps

Nivasa’s newest offering focuses on wing chairs, chaises, beds, ottomans, lamps, chandeliers and decor accents for the foyer, living room and bedroom. The tonal palette ranges from winter browns to vibrant oranges with newly introduced finishes like antique brass, coppery rose gold and white silver. The intricate embellishments, wood etching, metal finishes, handcrafted headboards and silver leafing techniques add to the aesthetics.

Chairs clad in leather and plush textiles and highlighted with stitch lines, tassels and intricate embroideries, beds with regal filigreed headboards in metal and wood, statement dining tables with chairs in quilted leather, intricate cane seaters with wooden details, and quilted chaises are some of the statement pieces that make up the enviable collection.

Compiled by: BI Staff
Photographs: Courtesy Nivasa