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Better Interiors - April 2020 issue

Nicobar: Summer In Serendip SS’18 collection

Nicobar’s Summer In Serendip SS’18 collection presents Bentota — a collection inspired by the Bentota island in Sri Lanka and features vibrant prints, bright hues and graphic elements. The tableware in the collection showcases hand-painted flora and fauna prints including the much loved elephants, banana leaves, and palm trees on pleasing, glazed stoneware. Sri Lankan demons, gods and the Sinhalese script offering a stylized take on local culture and mythology is splashed across the kulhars, plates, thalis and mugs. Also, a wood and brass roti box and gleaming copper in all-purpose serveware and water tumblers are available. A play of soft greys and ivories, and bright yellows spread across on beautiful cottons and plush cushions. The furnishings also see recurring motifs like the moon, star, elephant, and batik-reminiscent tiger prowling amidst palm fronds interspersed with honey frangipani on them.

Compiled by: BI Staff
Photographs: Courtesy Nicobar