Magari: The Concrete Table collection

The Concrete Table collection by Magari is in association with artist Ashu Gupta, an artist who uses pen and ink as a medium of design. The series showcases the inherent nature of how concrete develops its own characteristic texture creating unique patterns which is open to interpretation — and here it is depicted as the surface of the moon. Ashu identifies pen as her strength and she enjoys doodling and drawing on new surfaces like wood, ceramic, canvas, etc. Her style is based on creating small connected circles which eventually combine to form patterns. The new collection (read, the table top) is designed and created by Magari which forms the base for the paintings. All the water-proof artwork is handmade, and the variation of the colour of pigmented concrete top makes each piece unique. The base in made of circular solid metal sections with brass finish. Luna, the pink coloured table is the highlight of the entire series and is inspired by the lunar eclipse. The tables have all the phases of the moon covered in the form of nesting tables, side tables and center tables. Prices start from Rs 30,975 and go upto Rs 63,875.

Compiled by: BI Staff
Photographs: Courtesy Magari