Klove: Goa Collection

The Goa Collection from Klove pays tribute to the wonders and mysteries of the tropics and the iconic ’70s era of Goa. The collection features chandeliers, a statement wall installation and decorative fixtures. Metal, rattan, veneer and hand-blown glass have been handcrafted together to design pieces that embody the spirit of Goa. A right balance of hand blown glass, metal, veneer and rattan results in the Goa House chandelier.

The big fern chandelier draws inspiration from the tropical plant, while the small fern chandelier is artistry in its perfect form. The wall scones invoke the feeling of a rainforest. The small lights appear in glass coconuts which complements the palm tree leaves. The linear lights create a fusion of lush greens coming together with pure transparent glass forms. Painting the wall warm and golden, the wall installation is Klove’s reinterpretation of nature’s beauty. White and jade hand-blown glass pieces intertwine with spear-like geometric leaves and soft fluid sprouts.

Compiled by: BI Staff
Photographs: Courtesy Klove