LG Electronics

The PuriCare range of water purifiers from LG Electronics offers seven variants equipped with features such as the Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank and Digital Sterilizing Care for enhanced hygiene. The 5-Stage Ro Filtration removes contaminants as minute as 0.0001 micrometers in size. The filtration process eradicates bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals, and the Mineral Booster adds required minerals without mixing impurities. The UV cycle runs during the storage stage and automatically starts every six hours, killing any bacteria that may have been introduced. The 2-in-1 Care feature offers the convenience of a secondary valve on the side, making it possible to hygienically wash clothes or rinse vegetables. One can easily check the water filter change, UV sterilizing and water level indicators with the Smart Display.
Price: Rs 16,990 onward

Compiled by: BI Staff
Photograph: courtesy LG Electronics