Klove Studio: Shamanic Soul

Klove Studio’s latest offering is the Shamanic Soul collection of lighting. It is inspired by shamanism and explores various elements associated with the journey of connecting with nature and its creations. The Gypsy Caravan, for example, comprises various totem pillars made entirely of blown glass and cast in brass. It also houses 20 different products inspired by shamanic power symbols like totems, tigers and eagles. The totem refers to the shamanic belief that any living creature including plants and trees can serve as a power animal or spirit guide.

Next to the pillars, two eagle totems stand tall with their wings and Swarovski tassels spread out magnificently, showcasing their feathers. At the centre of the caravan lies a pipette screen which can be used separately as a room divider depicting the light installation of a wolf, an expression of sharp intelligence and strong instincts, along with a tiger, an independent, confident and powerful silent hunter. It symbolizes clearing the mind of all distractions and being focused on the present moment. These elements are juxtaposed with various lights such as the Art Nouveau chandelier, dream catchers, headgears, ceiling lights and heart wall lights.

Compiled by: BI Staff
Photographs: Courtesy Klove Studio