Jaipur Rugs: Concoction collection

Jaipur Rugs, in collaboration with interior design studio Shantanu Garg Design, has produced — Concoction — a collection of woven and hand-knotted rugs. Weaving together cross-cultural amalgamations, including graphical inspirations from the Bauhaus movement and a distinct Ottoman influence, the 12 designs of the collection is a fantastical representation of India’s architectural saga.

Shantanu’s vision for this collection are the Mughal and Byzantine structures which he finds quite monumental and clean. Therefore, details such as grand arches, high ceilings, flooring and the layout of communal spaces are depicted on the rugs. The contrasts in design are highlighted by vibrant colour palettes. Also, the stark, sharp geometric cleanliness of chevron, stucco and mosaic work is softened by intricate arabesque detailing and cross-cultural sacred symbols. The rugs make for the perfect two-dimensional mediums to express the depth of design, and the orchestrated ‘ebb and flow’ of detail, because of their textural character. The result is a ‘pixelated’ fantastical expression, one that not only simplifies the geometrical nuances of the inspiring designs, but also the architectural complexity of the warps and wefts in weaving. Featured here: the Baori, Vilay and Blue Room rugs.

Compiled by: BI Staff
Photographs: courtesy Jaipur Rugs