Hermosa Design Studio: Nikhil Thampi furniture line

Hermosa Design Studio has a special space at their store dedicated to fashion designer, Nikhil Thampi — who has designed 20 pieces of furniture exclusively for the brand. The collection includes a single sofa set, 2-seater sofa set, centre table, nesting table, console table, bar console and chest of drawers. The collection is made for the millennial home-maker and its USP is the versatility and functionality of all its pieces.

Just like Nikhil’s clothing which has always been versatile and something that can be worn from morning to afternoon and evening to night, Hermosa Design Studio wanted to translate their furniture and give it a versatile approach keeping in mind that it would be essential for the pieces to be user friendly. In light of this, the brand has managed to give a little element of surprise to all their furniture pieces to fit in the 24-hour clock.

Compiled by: BI Staff
Photographs: Courtesy Hermosa Design Studio