Gulmohar Lane: Lamp Shade Collection

An impressive array of glass lamp stands, vases and candle holders were introduced by Gulmohar Lane lately. Priced from Rs 4,250, the range of lamp shades comprises: Vines Glass Lamp Stand, Pebbles Glass Lamp Stand, Scales Glass Lamp Stand, Beehive Glass Lamp Stand, Mellow Glass Lamp Stand and the Celestial Glass Lamp Stand.

Featured here is the Waves Glass Lamp Stand (right) which has an admiring lotus cut texture and glowing teal colour. The vases line-up includes the Dew, Dunes, Dunes Teardrop, Shibori, Gemstone, Honeycomb and Jewel Glass Vases.

The candle holders come in three sizes and encompass the Mosaic and Shibori. Seen here: the Hive Glass Candle Holder in teal with its precise hexagonal shape and lustre smoky finish.

Compiled by: BI Staff
Photographs: Courtesy Gulmohar Lane