Good Earth: Gandhara Collection

Good Earth’s newest offering is the Gandhara collection, which is inspired by the ancient Silk Route. The collection has three distinct design themes — East West syncretism, Buddhist imprints and forms of vessels — and exhibits Indic, Persian, Greek, Central Asian and Buddhist influences. The highlight of the range is its collection terracotta pottery, hand-crafted glass vessels and brass vessels in traditional forms that have been reinterpreted for the modern home. One can also find various textiles featuring prints, weaves, embroidery and textures with Greek, Persian and Central Asian influences. Prominent among those is the Banjara, a collection of cushions and bolsters in silka wity panels of mirrorwork, beads and coins; and Bakhtar, where ikat is reinterpreted digitally on tussar silk cushions and highlighted by gold foil. Other collections include the Sind, Ajrak and Swat.

Compiled by: BI Staff
Photographs: Courtesy Good Earth