Sebastian Heckner

Germany-based Sebastian Heckner’s Felt Clock ticks allthe ecological boxes.

Taking the two very sensitive concepts of time and sustainability and entwining them together, Germany-based product designer Sebastian Heckner has created a wondrous yet simplistic clock that is a constant reminder of the importance of preserving the environment. The wall clock and the mantle clock use bamboo and 60 per cent recycled PET felt as an unexpected material to give the piece an original look and feel. The clock’s face has a neutral presence, largely to the felt material which is highlighted perfectly by the orange, white or black hour and minute hands. The texture of the felt isn’t just there as an aesthetic choice; it also has significant sound dampening properties, is recyclable and allows an easy single-step production method. Heckner, who studied product design at the HfG Offenbach am Main (Offenbach University of Art and Design), founded his studio in 2006. His idea of sustainability consists of employing traditional manufacturing techniques and their unique character and combining them with new technologies and finishing methods. The result are awe-inspiring products and furniture which highlights the multifaceted beauty of the eco-friendly materials and draw renewed attention to smaller details.