Lladro: Ice Cream Collection

In order to pay tribute to the British rock band The Police and to commemorate 50 years of the first man setting his foot on the moon, Lladro has crafted a black and gold porcelain sculpture. The Lladro artists have created an astronaut with satellite at his feet, leaving his face exposed in open as he reaches for his guitar to revel in music. The original conception of this piece is accentuated by the modern decoration in matte black porcelain, which contrasts with the details finished in golden luster. That said, the Ice Cream collection features a porcelain lamp in the shape of an ice cream. Its design is made of delicate matte white porcelain, illuminated inside by an LED lamp that highlights the surface. Inspired by traditional Japanese paper lanterns Chochin, its pendant version can be easily hung with a hook on top. The steel base with golden finish marries the rosa leather cover that extends to the lamp’s top handle. Thanks to the mobility afforded by the rechargeable battery, they are perfect for lighting any room in the house.


Compiled by: BI Staff
Photographs: Courtesy Lladro