Crompton Greaves: Anti-Bac LED Bulb

The Crompton Anti-Bac LED Bulb is a breakthrough innovation which comes with advanced Envirosafe technology which provides dual benefits to consumers — delivering regular LED light, and also killing up to 85 per cent germs.

Further to the testing done by NABL accredited Lab, the bulb has proven efficacy in killing aspergillus niger, bacillus cerus, escherichia coli, staphylococcus aurus, yeast, moulds and other wide spectrum of harmful germs and bacteria within four hours. Moreover, the bulb does not emit any UV/IR radiations but only visible light, which makes it absolutely safe for humans, pets and food items. Currently available in Cool Day White Light with a range of two wattages (7W and 9W), the Anti-Bac LED will soon be available in Warm White Light as well.
Rs 180 to Rs 190

Compiled by: BI staff
Photographs: Courtesy Crompton Greaves