Bottleware from Nendo

Old coca cola bottles find new life as stunning tableware.


Some things are just timeless — The Beatles, salted potato chips and Coca Cola. Which is why, we were as pleased as punch, or coke as it turned out, to see Bottleware, a collection of tableware designed by Japanese industrial design company Nendo in collaboration with Coca Cola. It was the beverage brands unique ‘contour bottle’ (in production since 1916), which inspired the design of Bottleware. The compilation, created using recycled Coca Cola bottles, takes its design props from the classic shape of the original.. The series consists of five dishes and bowls, the bottoms of which have a ring of dimples — just like the kind you’d see under a coke bottle. The pieces also retain the greenish hue, and if you look closely, the impression of tiny air bubbles inside the glass. During production, the bottom of the bottle is retained whole while the rest of it is melted and blown into the pieces you see today.